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Black Suede
Little White Dress
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Introducing Far Away Bella Sunset.
The free-spirited adventure continues at dusk.

Time to live and create unforgettable memories with the NEW enchanting fragrance that bursts with a striking cocktail of sparkling clementine and night blooming jasmine, swirled with seductive sandalwood for a free-spirited yet glamorous feeling.

Far Away Bella Sunset Purse Spray
10 ml 92088
Regular Price R109
Far Away Bella Sunset Body Lotion
150 ml 91985
Regular Price R71.95
Far Away Bella Sunset Eau de Parfum Spray
50 ml 40856
Regular Price R370

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NEW must-have carry-all.
The ultimate carry-all, tailor-made for all your cosmetics and toiletries at home or when travelling.

Multi-Purpose Carry-all
Navy blue and coral polyester carry-all. White central compartment, 6 inner compartments and 18 outer compartments with different closures.
Dimensions: 29 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
Regular Price R219

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Introducing our NEW Runway-inspired Watch.
Time to indulge with a  PREMIUM-LOOKING WATCH that will get you noticed this summer.
Features the daring colour-combination of gold-tone, mustard and black, as seen on international runways.

Runway-inspired Watch
Gold-toned, zinc alloy case. Black face with gold-toned detail. Faux-leather, mustard-toned strap.
Watch dimensions:
Strap: 23 cm
Watch face: 3.4 cm
Regular Price R299

Only R239
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Limited edition

avon plus
Solutions Body

Avon Exploration
Set sail for adventure.
A scent that bursts with watery aloe, juicy orange and clean vetiver.

Avon Exploration For Him Deodorant Body Spray
150 ml
Regular Price R51.95

Avon Exploration For Him Eau de Toilette Spray
75 ml
Regular Price R310

Both for only R129
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Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss SPF 15
Glide on a visible burst of brilliant shine totally drenched in rich colour.
6 ml
Regular Price R109.95 each

Clear 12402
Mauve Movement 38249
Tangerine Gleam 37883
Rich Raspberry 38134
Nude Muse 36674
Sundance 40434
NEW Shimmered 37333
NEW Palm Beach Pink 36932
Iced Pink 36154
Rave 37020
Pink Watermelon 36938
Mocha Latte 36665
Plum Dazzle 36990
Plum Pretty 38131
Dazzling Berry 40282
Sparkling Fuchsia 40403
Nude 40153

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Advance Techniques

Daily Shine Shampoo
Gently cleanses, leaving hair shiny and soft
250 ml
Regular Price R39.95

Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum
Smoothes dry ends and mends split ends instantly
30 ml
Regular Price R85.95

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Both for R65
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Floral Blossom Bag

Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel
Streak-free and provides a high-shine finish.
10 ml
Regular Price R94.95 each

Swift Sherbet 90072
Mambo Melon 89672
Fast Time Teal 89852
On Point Blue 89846
Smoky Plumes 89840
Gray Flash 90178
Suddenly Sunny 89855
Crystal Calm 90073
Vamp It Up 89714
Red Red 89695
Turquoise Pop 90271
Ballerina 89641
Strawberry 89662
ASAP Pink 89668

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R54.95 each
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Restore essential moisture to extra dry skin instantly.
Moisture Lock COMPLEX
Formulated with a unique blend of nutrients and emollients to help rescue extra dry skin.

Intensive Relief Hand Treatment
100 ml
Regular Price R41

Intensive Relief Body Lotion
400 ml
Regular Price R65

Both for R59
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Senses Shower Gels           
250 ml
Regular Price R47.95 each

Sensual Mystique 26796
Tempting Secret Kiss 78085
Revitalising 26806
Refreshing Lagoon 24502
Indulgent 26811
Awakening Citrus Zing 26819

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