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Direct-selling is increasingly being recognised as a viable earning opportunity in South Africa

Liz first started selling Avon products in 2003. By 2008 she was ready to leave her long-time profession of nursing to focus on her Avon business. In a year, she reported sales beyond her wildest imagination. Her success comes with strict discipline, hard work, and good time management as she has to ensure she spends quality time with her family while also pursuing hobbies like pottering around the house and garden, painting - her great passion - or entertaining friends.
She confides, “There are constantly new challenges. I work five days each week, and spend Saturday mornings with my team who are employed during the week. I see that I’m sitting in my office at 6.30am daily attending to mail and administration. I spend a few days doing deliveries, signing on new Representatives, or seeing current independent Representatives. She confesses to loving working flexible hours, and says she is self-driven, always competing against herself to reach new heights. “I continually drive my team and myself.”
“But”, she laughs, “I intend to achieve so much more.”







The AVON Earning Opportunity

Avon has been offering women all over the world the opportunity to start their own businesses and earn extra money. With over 6.4 million independent Representatives across the globe, we are the world’s largest direct seller of beauty products!

• Minimal start-up costs – Sign on for only R75
• No inventory required
• Be your own boss
• Work from home
• Work your own hours
• Training and support provided

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Happy International Women’s month!

Here are some fascinating facts about Avon and women over the years…

Founded in 1886, Avon offered women the rare opportunity to earn their own money 34 years before women in the U.S. won the right to vote

Avon has over 6 million independent Representatives in over 100 countries. One of the most enduring and iconic images of women's entrepreneurship is the Avon Lady

Avon is the largest corporate supporter of women’s causes in the world with over $815 raised for the crusade against breast cancer and over $58 million donated to efforts that help end violence against women in South Africa. In South Africa, Avon has donated over R15 million and R3 million respectively for these causes.

In 2012, an Oxford University study revealed that Avon helped alleviate poverty in South Africa through its earning opportunity.

In 2014 Avon won the global Shared Interest Award for empowering women in South Africa.

The direct selling industry provides an income for over 1,3 million South Africans, 81% of whom are women

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