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Celebrate with us as we look back
on how we’ve empowered women and a few good men over the past 20 years and be inspired by a new success story
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Wishing all women a fabulous Women’s Month!

Meet another one of our successful independent Representatives: Nolubalalo Stemele

Nolubalalo joined Avon in 2006. A Gold President’s Club member based in the Eastern
Cape, she has been able to buy two new cars including a Mercedes Benz and make vast improvements to her home with the extra income from Avon.

“For me Beauty for a Purpose is a powerful mission statement that captures what the brand stands for because I sell Avon products to enable myself to be financially independent. I feel empowered because I am able to reach my goals and the desires of my heart,” she says.

She also understands her customer’s need to look and feel beautiful as that also gives them confidence to overcome their challenges and conquer the world.


Before her Avon business took off she had been planning to buy a town house for business purposes but instead decided buy a beautiful house in one of the coveted suburb of King William's Town (Kaffarian Heights) in July 2013. She was able to pay a large deposit for the house because of Avon earnings. “With my Avon earning at the moment I am quickly paying up our bond and as a result should be finished paying it off by the end of 2017.

Oxford University, world renowned institution had this to say about Avon’s earning opportunity

  • Avon representatives in South Africa with 16 months or more in the system earned enough to cover a typical household’s expenditures for food, non-alcoholic beverages, clothing, shoes, and healthcare. 
  • The representatives’ income placed them in the top half of black females in their community and brought them in line with what a black South African man earns.
  • 75% of the representatives reported that Avon had helped them achieve financial autonomy and nearly 90% said they had learned skills from Avon that could be transferred into other employment.
  • Respondents reported in very large numbers that working for Avon had given them confidence and social skills, as well as earning them respect from family and their community.  This effect on their sense of empowerment seems to result from the supportive and gender-friendly network, as well as the formal recognition system that Avon employs to reward and inspire achievement.

The AVON Earning Opportunity

Avon has been offering women all over the world the opportunity to start their own businesses and earn extra money. With more than 6 million independent Representatives across the globe, we are one of the largest direct sellers in the world of beauty products!

• Minimal start-up costs – Sign on for only R85
• No inventory required
• Be your own boss
• Work from home
• Work your own hours
• Training and support provided

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