4 NEW Mascaras!

Mark Big & False Lash Mascara
10 ml
• Get up to 2x the look of more lashes
• Fibre blend wraps onto each lash to give you a false lash look

Mark Big & Daring Mascara
10 ml
• Get up to 6x more volume in 2 strokes**
• Protein & collagen-enriched for a fuller lash look
**Based on a volumising test.

Mark Big & Style Mascara
10 ml
• Restyle lashes all day
• Lash-flex technology keeps restyled lashes flexible even after it dries

Mark Big & Multiplied Mascara
10 ml
• Reveal up to 64% more lashes*
• Special brush builds, separates & defines lashes
*Based on a clinical study.

Mark Perfect Brow Kit
Bold brows help frame your face & give you a finished look. Comes with an application brush.
• Apply wax to shape brows
• Apply powder to fill and colour

Stand out with BOLD EYES.

Mega Effects Waterproof Black Mascara
Defined eyes, fuller brows and voluminous lashes – everything you need for eyes that turn heads!
10 g

Mark Big & Style Volume Mascara
Discover our 1st style-changing mascara. Create mouldable, restylable lash looks – layer after layer!
10 ml

Water resistant.
Lash sculpting brush - volumises inner and outer corners of lashes for customised volume.
Unique wax formula - keeps lashes flexible even after drying.

Mark Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara

Creates the look of fuller, more defined lashes.
A unique brush defines & separates lashes for an unclumped, voluminous look.

Mark Big & Daring Volume Mascara

Dare to entice with explosive lash volume and dramatic eyes.
Dynamite brush with wedge-shaped bristles capture every lash for explosive, clump-free volume.
500% explosive volume*
*Based on a volumising test.

Mark SpectraLash Mascara #ClickClickClick

This our most versatile mascara ever! Its unique packaging and brush allows you to choose your desired lash look with just a turn of the packaging. Go from a natural lash look to a dramatic lash look in just a click.
Flake proof, clump proof, rub proof, smear and smudge proof. Ophthalmologist tested and hypoallergenic

Mark 18hr eyeshadow inks #InkYourMark

This is the eyeshadow you have been waiting for. It gives your eye an impactful, rich, vivid colour that makes you stand out for long.
Infused with ultra comfortable wear of up to 18hours.
Smudge proof, sweat proof, waterproof, transfer proof, rub & fade proof.
Flake proof, clump proof, rub proof, smear and smudge proof. Ophthalmologist tested and hypoallergenic

Mark Kohl eyeliner#DrawTheLine

This smudge resistant eyeliner enables you to line and define without pulling and tugging.
It is formulated with shea butter to ensure a creamy, soft and smooth application that gives you a full colour application in just one coat.
It is longwearing and Ophthalmologist tested.

Mark Dual Liquid Eyeliner
Dare to entice with explosive lash volume and dramatic eyes

Unique dual tip design allows you to create a thin or thick line for an everyday or more dramatic look.
Slanted tip for a customised look.

Mark Artist Gel Longwear Eyeliner

Smooth texture for a creamy, smooth application.
Bold, intense colour that lasts for hours.